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How IT Support Services Can Benefit Your University

Posted by ASE Direct Team on Mar 15, 2019

Today’s universities are changing the face of higher education by embracing technology to enhance the student experience. Through information technology (IT) innovation, increased use of mobile technology, and better data analytics, universities are poised to provide increasingly useful services to their students to ensure success.

Besides supporting university educational programs such as computer science, manufacturing, and even sports programs, IT helps universities protect student privacy, increase student retention through predictive analytics, and expand opportunities for academic excellence. In order to take full advantage of the power of IT, however, universities need to have an IT support service in place to fine-tune processes and stay on the cutting edge of technology.

The Importance of an IT Support Service for Organizations

Before exploring the importance of an IT support service, let’s examine a fundamental question: What is IT support?

Simply put, an IT support service is a knowledgeable provider of cutting-edge services for all of your information technology needs. A competent IT support team can serve your college or university with repair, maintenance, and upgrades to hardware like printers, fax machines, scanners, and copiers or to software and data systems.

Like any business, schools are reliant upon both hardware and software to keep their day-to-day functioning on target. A good IT support team can troubleshoot problem areas on the fly and keep your equipment running smoothly. Some additional ways IT support for businesses like higher education facilities is critical for operational consistency include:

1. Enhanced Decision-Making Capabilities

Whether you’re collecting student data through satisfaction surveys, conducting video conferences for recruitment, or monitoring your organization’s status on social media, competent IT support can ensure your processes are running smoothly.

Glitch-free equipment and software contribute to stress-free decision-making and quicker turnaround times for critical resolutions, contributing to the smoother workflow for your educators and staff.

2. Increased Problem-Solving

To process the complex array of student information received by most colleges and universities, you need to have a fully functioning hardware and software in place. An IT support specialist can ensure you have the proper amount of memory storage, the fastest processors, and even properly sized copiers and printers for your workload.

Proper installation and maintenance mean your organization can quickly and easily access the data it needs to solve issues that arise in the course of business.

3. Better Data Management

Schools handle an incredible amount of program — and student — data. Make sure it’s supported and protected by putting proper management processes in place and enhancing the security of your data structure through systematic monitoring by competent IT professionals.

4. Virus Protection and Security

Many organizations have experienced the trouble of malfunctioning systems due to various viruses, malware, and other software and hardware threats. Your IT support team can help protect your devices to help you save money, time, and resources.

And, today’s focus on increased security for personal data and an uptick in data breaches means schools need to be on their toes in the management and protection of private student data.

5. Overall Monitoring

Besides protecting you from outside threats in the form of viruses and malware, a competent IT team will be able to fine-tune the performance of equipment to ensure you have the greatest level of functionality.

6. Improved Student Support

Students as well as other clients you serve — within or outside of your department or organization — can be better served when you have the appropriate upgrades and updates to your existing technology.

Properly sized equipment and the right software ensure that your students and staff can be served efficiently through a variety of channels.

7. Better Marketing

There is a high level of competition for the best students in today’s higher education organizations. A solid IT system and appropriate support can ensure that your school stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Today’s printers, scanners, and copiers can help you provide marketing materials on the fly, and properly configured software can give you even more ways to appeal to your target audience through webinars, presentations, and other digital marketing strategies.

Make the Most of Your Organization’s IT Structure with Excellent IT Support

Having an expensive, state-of-the-art IT system online at your school is only useful if it’s in good working order and operating at optimal efficiency. Staying up-to-date with new software releases, changes in hardware technology, and all-important maintenance tasks will help your organization make the most of your IT structure — and help you conserve limited budget resources.

If you want to further explore the many ways a leading-edge IT support team can assist your department or organization, contact the professionals at ASEDirect today.

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