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Save Yourself the Headache – Always Have a Printer Maintenance Kit on Hand

By ASE Direct Team on Feb 15, 2019

Just like any other hardware, printers aren’t perfect. Anyone who spends enough time in an office has had to deal with a faulty printer outputting documents wrong or jamming at the most inopportune time....

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Topics: office supplies, multifunction devies, print, print supplies, Printer Maintenance Kit Contents, how to remove a paper jam

Ask a Service Technician

By ASE Direct Team on Jan 29, 2019

Technicians that have been providing service for years have undoubtedly seen plenty of interesting service calls. They range anywhere from simple user errors to complicated repairs. It might even make their jobs easier if we knew a couple of their tricks so we can avoid unnecessary ticket ...

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Topics: multifunction devies, Printer Maintenance Kit Contents, office printers, how to remove a paper jam

How to Fix Paper Jams without Calling for Service

By ASE Direct Team on Jan 8, 2019

Printers are highly-efficient machines with a wealth of moving parts. Unfortunately, all those moving parts can sometimes cause problems. Every printer is different, but they can all suffer from paper jams....

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Topics: office printers, how to remove a paper jam