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Your Managed Print Services Assessment: What to Expect

By ASE Direct Team on May 16, 2019

Managed print services (MPS) can help businesses of all sizes realize cost savings, improve productivity, and focus efficiency. These factors, in turn, can influence your company’s printing workflows, including identifying areas where cost efficiencies can be realized....

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Topics: printer maintenance, managed print services, multifunction devies

How Often Should You Update Your Printer and Copier Fleet?

By ASE Direct Team on May 9, 2019

Take a glance around you right now. How many printers can you see from where you’re sitting?...

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Topics: managed print services, multifunction devies, print, print supplies, office printers

How Can ASE Lower Your Print Spend This Holiday Season?

By ASE Direct Team on Dec 4, 2018

Between the gift wrap, cards, gifts, packaging, delicious food, and everything else that goes along with the holiday season, people can generate a lot of waste. In fact, the average American generates 25% more waste during the holiday season when compared with any other time of year....

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Topics: managed print services, print supplies

How Can Enterprise Services Simplify Workflow For C-Level Executives?

By ASE Direct Team on Aug 23, 2018

When we talk about print management, we are talking about a very broad term. Managed print services, or MPS, can cover everything from basic printing to document storage and workflow processes. Each business and user has their own unique needs which necessitate the broad definition for managed ...

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Topics: managed print services

ASE vs Larger Companies: Which Provides Superior Service & Lowers My Printing Costs?

By ASE Direct Team on Aug 2, 2018

If you’re looking for managed print services then, obviously, you want to ensure you partner with the right provider. Printing and document management may seem like small parts of your workflow, but the costs of a poorly optimized print management solution can add up rapidly....

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Topics: ase direct, managed print services, customer service, toner cartridge cost

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