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Why You Absolutely Must Recycle Empty Printer Ink Cartridges

Posted by ASE Direct Team on Jul 23, 2018


What do you do with your empty printer ink cartridges? It’s easy to treat a printer ink cartridge like any other used office supply and toss it in the trash when the toner is out.

But what if you could cut costs and help the environment by recycling? Choosing to recycle used toner cartridges is almost as easy as throwing them away. You simply have to put your used cartridge in the proper package and send it to the right destination. Prepaid envelopes are often included in the original cartridge package. If not, a prepaid shipping label is easily acquired through our website.

Recycling or remanufacturing printer ink cartridges also reduces costs, preserves resources, limits the environmental impact associated with creating and disposing of printing supplies.

Recycling Rewards Programs

Recycled toner cartridges can save money for the company that manufactures the cartridge, and the company that uses the cartridge. Those savings can then be passed on to their customers. Some manufacturers even go so far as to pay customers for sending in their used cartridges. The savings usually come in the form of discounts on future printing supplies.

HP has one of the most beneficial rewards programs for customers who choose to recycle their used printer ink cartridges. There are three ways to recycle with HP.

  • You can print out prepaid shipping labels provided by HP and ship your cartridges to HP’s headquarters.
  • You can sign up for HP’s Instant Ink program. This program lets your printer tell HP when you’re low on ink, at which time they will send a new cartridge your way. Unfortunately, this program comes with a monthly fee.
  • The third and final way to recycle with HP is the My Print Rewards program. This program offers a discount of ten percent when you buy any print supplies including paper, toner, and ink. You also get next-day shipping at no additional cost. The printer ink cartridges you receive come with prepaid return envelopes to help you recycle.

Environmental Benefits of Recycling Printer Ink Cartridges

Perhaps the most important reason to recycle your printer ink cartridges is to help reduce your impact on the environment. Sustainable development has become the new standard with a growing number of companies today. The more organizations strive for sustainable business practices, the more efficient everyone’s activities become while also preserving more of the planet’s natural resources.

The plastics contained in recycled toner cartridges can take up to 1,000 years to decompose. That’s a big burden on the planet. In addition, carbon black ink has been declared a carcinogen for many animals by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. When printer ink cartridges are thrown away and deposited into landfills, excess ink can seep into the ground where it eventually reaches local wildlife.

  • With every 100,000 printer ink cartridges that get recycled, the world saves about one million liters of oil as well as several tons of plastic and aluminum.
  • It costs several quarts of oil to create a new laser cartridge and several ounces of oil to create a new inkjet cartridge.
  • If every printer ink cartridge on the planet were recycled for seven months straight, it would save over ten million gallons of oil.

The numbers just mentioned refer to the savings achieved by recycled printer supplies that have been disposed of. Remanufacturing, however, gives used cartridges another life, effectively doubling the total savings overall. Instead of just reusing the 97 percent of materials in a cartridge that can be recycled, the entire cartridge can be used once more. This saves energy and resources by relieving the manufacturer of the need to create a new cartridge from old materials.

Remember to Recycle Every Single Printer Ink Cartridge

Using recycled printer supplies is of great benefit to you, your company, ink cartridge manufacturers, and the environment we all share.

Remanufactured printer toner cartridges provide the biggest boon to the environment by doubling the life of a cartridge and saving the energy required to create a brand-new product. Recycling printing supplies can also reduce your costs by participating in rewards programs offered by companies like HP.

ASE is proud to provide a host of remanufactured printing products. Checkout our remanufactured office supplies today, and contact us to save on your next order.

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