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Are Managed Print Services a Right-Sized Solution for Government Offices?

Posted by ASE Direct Team on Oct 24, 2018

Managed Print Services for Government-OfficesIt’s a fact that managed print services offer significant benefits to small businesses and commercial enterprises. IT managers for government agencies know this but are often reluctant to make the switch themselves.

Government institutions are notably more complex than commercial organizations. Changes in process frameworks and infrastructure need to be verified and secure, while managing to pass stringent bureaucratic oversight checks.

For many local, state, and federal government agencies, this leads to inefficiency that is undesirable but tolerated. For instance, the state of Ohio was paying for the infrastructural needs of 26 different state agencies separately, taking up almost 80% of its technology budget until 2016.

When the state centralized its infrastructure in a single database and signed a managed service contract for maintaining the project, infrastructure spend dropped down to about 50%. This was a big move, but it was a successful one that delivered value to taxpayers and government workers alike.

As a result, more local, state, and federal agencies are looking to similar programs to decrease waste and inefficiency in their own departments. Managed print services (MPS) are often the first solutions that government CIOs look to because they are easy to implement and often generate immediate results.

Managed Print Services for Government – Procurement Overview

One of the main questions that executive professionals in government have when considering managed print solutions is one of size. Government institutions are large and complex, with oversight frameworks that exceed far beyond that of the typical commercial enterprise. Can managed print services generate value in this context?

The answer depends on which company provides the managed service solution. Maintaining compliance with strict government regulation is no simple task, yet there is clear value in choosing an MPS provider that can handle the workload.

Guarantees are key to making sure the agreement is properly structured. Government institutions need to lower their total costs through annualized spending, and they need to know exactly how much they are getting of every budget line item and when.

Managed print services rely on comprehensive print assessment to analyze usage and identify opportunities to improve efficiency. These assessments are one of the most important resources for ensuring world-class efficiency in the government environment. They provide clear, actionable data for reducing waste.

Making MPS for Federal Government Offices Compliant

One of the most challenging obstacles that government institutions face concerning technology procurement is managing compliance. Government agencies must adhere to strict regulations concerning technology implementations.

The U.S. government’s Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) is one such regulation. There can be no comprehensive government document management services without full FedRAMP authorization.

Among print and imaging manufacturers, Xerox is the only cloud-based managed print services provider enjoying in-process status for FedRAMP authorization. This makes Xerox MPS hardware the best choice for government institutions planning on procuring print equipment in compliance with FedRAMP guidelines.

Xerox-managed print solutions offer clear benefits to government agencies looking to reduce unnecessary printing, eliminate wasteful paper use, and improve energy efficiency across the board. But in order to enjoy best-in-class service, agencies need to rely on a managed service vendor who can plan, deploy, and maintain Xerox equipment.

Implement Secure Government Document Management Services

In addition to managing compliant equipment, government institutions need to rely on managed service vendors who can offer comprehensive document management solutions for government. This requires technical expertise and experience working within the institutional framework – adhering to regulation while finding innovative ways to mitigate breach risks and improve efficiency.

With state-sponsored cybercrime becoming a headline-making issue across the world, it has never been more important for government institutions to implement cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. Data breaches of government institutions can result in class-action lawsuits impacting millions of individuals and costing billions of dollars.

Document management and MPS for federal government offices go hand in hand when it comes to establishing a robust framework for cybersecurity. Managed print solutions must guarantee the safety of citizens’ private data and confidential information.

It takes more than Xerox-managed print solutions to ensure that your agency is sufficiently protected. Government agencies need to rely on experienced consulting and guidance with the help of a managed service vendor who can operate Xerox technology and combine services to offer superior value.

Schedule a Government Print Assessment

Implementing next-generation managed print services can transform process efficiency at large government institutions. Xerox MPS can be the right-sized solution for government agencies if the technology footprint matches the needs of the initial print assessment. Getting an accurate print assessment is the first step towards reducing wasteful spending and improving processes.

Is it time for your government office to make the switch to managed print? ASE Direct can help you assess your print environment today.

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