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Happy Holidays from ASE!

Posted by ASE Direct Team on Dec 20, 2018


The holiday season is the perfect time to reflect on the year that was and to be thankful for all we have. As 2018 comes to a close, the team at ASE took the opportunity to reflect on what’s really important to us. Check out their answers to the questions below to find out what matters most to the team that services your copiers, fills office supply orders, and does a whole lot more to keep your business running smoothly.

What does the holiday season mean to you?

Becky, Director of Marketing & Business Development - “Everyone is a bit more kind and appreciative o each other. It is also a time to really slow down and just spend time with family with no distractions.”

Britt, Accounts Payable & Office Manager - "The holiday season means love, spreading cheer and happiness. It is about spending time with your family and friends, salvation, giving, and doing things for others.”

Chris, Purchasing Manager - “Spending quality time with family and being thankful for all we have.”

Emina, Federal Account Executive - “I think it is all about spending time with your loved ones and embracing all the feeling that Christmas magic brings.”

Gigi, Accounting Associate – “Enjoying my family being together and my grandchildren's laughter.”

Holly, Purchasing – “It means being with my family and enjoying an abundance of food as we celebrate our togetherness.”

Arthur, Federal Account Executive – “It means that we are almost done with another year and that I get to see my grandpa.”

Do you or your family have any unique traditions or decorations?

Becky, Director of Marketing & Business Development – “We open our “Christmas Eve” box that has popcorn, a Christmas movie, and new pajamas in it. Then we enjoy a movie night in our new pajamas.”

Britt, Accounts Payable & Office Manager - “Every Christmas Eve, my family reads "The Polar Express" and we take turns ringing the silver bell when the page is being turned. Even living across the country from my family, this still happens – thanks to FaceTime.”

Chris, Purchasing Manager – “We get up early in the morning and prepare all of our holiday dinner food from scratch. We also like to play board games and cards.”

Emina, Federal Account Executive - “We have an annual Christmas Eve party where seven families - our closest family friends - get together, have dinner, and exchange gifts.”

Gigi, Accounting Associate – “We make ornaments out of dough with the kids.”

Holly, Purchasing – “My mother always serves her Southern home cooked meals, and I make sausage rolls and meat pies so my Australian husband can have a little something that reminds him of home.”

Arthur, Federal Account Executive – “Our family catches up on life accomplishments, and then we enjoy food and each other’s company.”

What’s the one gift you would like to receive this year? What’s the one gift you’d like to give this year?

Becky, Director of Marketing & Business Development - “This is the first year that my 4-year-old daughter is aware of Santa Claus, so I just want to give her that whole experience and watch that joy it brings her.”

Britt, Accounts Payable & Office Manager - “This year, I'd love to receive new towels and sheets for our house. One gift I'd like to give this year is a plane ticket to a friend or family member who has not yet made it out to Nashville.”

Chris, Purchasing Manager - “I would like to receive a new set of golf clubs, and give my wife a vacation up in the mountains.”

Emina, Federal Account Executive - “I have already received the best gift of all at the beginning of this year, my son. I want to give him a scrapbook of all the great memories from his first year.”

Gigi, Accounting Associate – “This is my first Christmas at home in seven years, so I want lots of pictures of my daughter and grandchildren.”

Holly, Purchasing – “This year I’m donating money to Project Hope For Ugandan Women so they can keep their facility open to help those in need.”

Wesley, COO, CIO – I’d like to receive an 18th century home in the South of France.”

We at ASE Direct would like to wish you a happy holiday season and express our sincere gratitude for your loyalty and goodwill throughout the year! Have a great holiday, and a happy and safe New Year!

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