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How Can Enterprise Services Simplify Workflow For C-Level Executives?

Posted by ASE Direct Team on Aug 23, 2018

Enterprise services for c-level executives

When we talk about print management, we are talking about a very broad term. Managed print services, or MPS, can cover everything from basic printing to document storage and workflow processes. Each business and user has their own unique needs which necessitate the broad definition for managed print services.

 C-level executives require the best performance and flexibility out of their print management solution. These leaders are paid for their knowledge and expertise in their field, so they can’t waste time using cumbersome, inefficient, and outdated print services. Not only do effective executives need to use their time efficiently, but they need to be ready to adapt to a changing business environment and serve as an example for their staff.

Of course, flexibility, efficiency, and adaptability sound nice but what does they actually mean? How can MPS help C-suite executives achieve these goals? Let’s take a closer look at print management for C-level executives.

Better Document Management On-The-Go

In today’s modern, connected business world enterprise solutions extend far beyond the four walls of the business. In fact, 90% of executives use their mobile device every single day for business purposes. As technology advances, this usage is moving beyond just answering emails and sending texts.

Accessing documents and files on-the-go when meeting with clients or stakeholders is an essential part of the job for any executive today. Not only that, but the document management must meet corporate security needs. Simply saving documents to a personal, unsecured device may not meet the needs of the business.

Above all, this document management needs to be seamless and easy-to-use. Most executives are not interested in tech support. They need to know that their documents will be available when and where they need them.

Achieve Budget & Environmental Goals

No matter what industry or field executives work in, they all have one thing in common: budgets. Sometimes, as a part of those budgets, are environmental goals that are aimed at saving both money and trees. How can C-suite executives lead by example and ensure costs are held in check? Managed print services are a great place to start.

After reviewing printing and document management needs, there should be efforts made to identify areas of waste. Each printed page that could be eliminated through effective print management and document management is significant.

Not only does effective document management improve actual workflow for executives, but it helps them meet their own individual commitments to their budget and their company’s mandated environmental goals. Less time spent ensuring those goals are met means more time for work that produces results for the bottom line.

The Right Equipment in the Right Place

Analyzing the unique needs of each C-level executive helps ensure that the right equipment is in the right place when MPS is implemented. For example, an HR executive who has to scan new employee forms may benefit from a scanner being placed nearby rather than relying on a scanner that is a long walk away.

Not all teams within a business require the same equipment to do their job and not all executives require the same equipment as well. Equipment needs and placement should be designed to maximize workflow times, simplify document management, and make everyone’s job a little easier.

Identify, Reduce, & Eliminate Bottlenecks

Bottlenecks in any workflow can eat up time and kill productivity. A good MPS identifies bottlenecks and implements methods to reduce or eliminate them. Bottlenecks could be a result of poorly placed equipment, improper usage, or poorly implemented software.

Every corporate printing plan should consider the tasks most often undertaken by executives and aim to make the process as fast as possible from start to finish. Managed print services can then be designed around the workflow to ensure no time is wasted. Again, less time spent on printing or document management is more time spent with clients and achieving actual business goals.

Tap Into The Effectiveness of Executives

As we mentioned, most businesses don’t pay their executives to do tech support or walk from device to device just to complete a single task. By eliminating bottlenecks, making executives adaptable, and simplifying the document management process businesses can see better performance from their top employees and an improvement in their bottom line.

Want to see how managed print services can help executives simplify their workflow and spend more time focusing on tasks that will bring positive results to the business? Contact the team at ASE to learn more about managed print services and the many benefits of implementing a better plan within your business.

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