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How Can the E-Task Tablet Interface from Lexmark Simplify Office Workflows?

Posted by ASE Direct Team on Sep 19, 2018
E-Task Tablet Interface LexmarkMultifunction Printers (MFPs) have become an integral part of the workplace. They provide many benefits to small and medium businesses.  The benefits include:
• Lower printing costs |
• Improved office workflow and task efficiency
• Better use of office space since the printer comes with a scanner and copier
• Mobile printing capabilities

While this short list isn't exhaustive, it demonstrates key benefits that can make organizations run more efficiently. Spending less time and money to create and share documents results in better overall productivity. Lexmark has made a reputation for itself manufacturing MFPs that incorporate state-of-the-art technology. Their color copiers provide the sharp, brightly-colored prints that uphold stringent quality standards in the imaging industry, providing prints with vibrant color and bringing them to life.

What is the Lexmark E-Task Tablet Interface?

Lexmark's MFP and color copiers come equipped with the e-task tablet interface. It is an intuitive user interface that allows users to print, copy, and scan with ease. With big icons and a mission control panel, it gives users the capabilities they need to handle any job.

Features of the Interface

The Lexmark e-task tablet interface comes with an easy-touch activation. This gives it a tablet-like touch functionality with a responsive touch detection mechanism. Whether you touch it with your fingertips or a pen, the touch is immediately detected with the same degree of responsiveness users expect from the latest smartphones and tablets on the market.

Other features include:

Supports Multi-Touch Gestures. Navigating through the interface is easy due to responsive touch and recognition of intuitive gestures, often the same gestures used for personal phones and tablet menus.
Bright and Smooth Display. The icons are easy to identify and select. The display is colorful and it appeals to users.
Accessibility. Lexmark included an option to provide audible feedback to users. The technology comes with a speaker for voice-responsive help. Rather than forcing employees to toggle through help manuals, the printer itself will provide feedback and help through audio.
High-Resolution Preview. It provides an option to preview what users plan on printing using the device. A preview ensures that documents are printed in optimal quality.

The case of Carmody Hills Elementary School is a perfect example of how intuitive Lexmark's MFP is. The school in Upper Marlboro, Maryland installed Lexmark products with the interface. Within 15 minutes, teachers understood how to work with the device. The school employed Lexmark's office technology to streamline testing and grading.

As a result, they discovered that the technology ended up saving teachers 80-90% of the time they would spend on testing and grading time. This demonstrates exactly how deploying such technology can lead to improving employee productivity. With more time on their hands, they can focus more on processes that truly matter.

Mobile Printing is Here

Mobile printing has become increasingly common – most new printers come with the option. But Lexmark takes mobile printing to a new level with the e-task tablet interface and the Mobile Print app. Users are able to complete print tasks on any mobile device with the app installed.

Lexmark's MFP also gives users the option to scan documents and send them to their mobile device. This gives them a digital copy of the document to store and share. This kind of mobility improves document workflows immensely. Document sharing and printing become quick, hassle-free operations. Scanning documents also allows your organization to take the first steps towards digital transformation, which enables it to adopt more sustainable business practices and rely less on paper. All Lexmark products are also EnergyStar certified – the machines have met stringent global environmental standards.

Choosing the right one for your organization requires a print audit that can accurately represent your print needs. Speak to a qualified consultant to find out what hardware offers the best office workflow improvement for your organization.

Are you ready to deploy state-of-the-art Lexmark technology in your office? Speak to an ASE specialist today!

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