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September 2018 ASE MVP - Josh Heup Account Executive

Posted by ASE Direct Team on Oct 10, 2018

ASE MVP Josh Heup, Federal Account Executive

September is one of the busiest months on the calendar for the team at ASE. While everyone has to step up to make it through the month, one account executive really went above and beyond to keep the company on track and make September our best month. We’re proud to announce that Account Executive Josh Heup is the ASE MVP for the month of September. Learn more about Josh and what he accomplished last month

What did Josh accomplish to become an ASE MVP?

We had our best month as a company and Josh was a big contributing factor to that effort. The book of business grew substantially and he was able to help several government buyers maximize their fiscal year end budgets.

What does Josh do at work and what does he love most about his job?

Josh starts his day by going through his email. Responding to clients and addressing needs is always the first part of Josh’s morning. After Josh responds to his clients, he starts to contact all of his clients to check in on them, and see what needs they may have. Next is calling leads in my pipeline to see who Josh can help today. Finally, one of the most important aspects of Josh’s day is making 80-100 cold calls to make the ASE introduction and establish needs.

What Josh loves the most about his role as an account executive is building rapport and relationships. “To me that is what determines success. I also really enjoy talking to my customers about more than just business. I like to learn who they are as people,” said Josh.

If Josh wasn’t an account executive, what would he like to be doing?

Josh has a background in sports management, so he would most likely be doing something in that field. He has worked with the Tennessee Titans in the past as a season account executive making calls to clients to grow that relationship. No matter where Josh worked, he would definitely do something in the sales field.

Is there anything about Josh that clients and coworkers don’t know?

Josh is a musician. He has been playing guitar since he was 12. He also sings and produces a little. If you walked into the office at ASE, and handed Josh a guitar, he would play a cover of Wonderwall by Oasis. He can even sing it really well, too. Josh played in a country cover-band called "Cross-Country Junction" right after high school.

What does Josh enjoy doing outside of work?

Josh likes to be outdoors and also tries to stay in shape. He likes to get out to Radnor or Warner Park to bike or run.

If Josh was a brand, what would be his slogan?

It’s best to let Josh answer this question in his own words...

“I got a nickname from my previous job and it has stuck so it would have to be ‘J Hype 4 Life’.”

The entire team at ASE would like to thank Josh for his efforts last month, and every month. Keep up the great work, Josh!

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