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Which Xerox ConnectKey Apps Are Best for File Sharing?

Posted by ASE Direct Team on Sep 5, 2018

Xerox ConnectKey Apps File Sharing

It's important that processes such as document and print management constantly improve so that firms can perform at an optimal level. Otherwise, employees may waste time and effort performing manual processes instead of delivering results on tasks that matter.

The workflow solutions provided by Xerox help organizations achieve these results. The Xerox ConnectKey is a solution that contributes to the development of a workplace ecosystem. It helps promote productivity in the workplace by creating a network of printers and bridging them with all mobile devices.

This gives users the opportunity to print, scan, and copy from anywhere at any time. But there are many different applications in the Xerox ConnectKey app gallery. Employees can use these to enhance the user experience while simplifying processes beyond printing, scanning, and copying documents.

The Xerox ConnectKey Apps for Your Business Printing and File Sharing Needs

The Xerox ConnectKey apps work with any basic or multifunction printer (MPF) that is ConnectKey-enabled. Most smart printers of any brand can communicate with the ConnectKey platform. The apps provide convenience and versatility to users, giving them the option to print, scan, and share files on a variety of platforms.

Cloud Storage Apps

Xerox offers a separate app for the capability to print from and scan to each of the different cloud-based platforms. These platforms include:

• Box
• Google Drive
• OneDrive
• Microsoft Office 365
• Dropbox

With the application, users can print from the platform or scan documents and save them on the cloud. Once on the cloud, anyone with the proper permissions has access to the document. All they have to do is use an MFP to scan the document and the app on the printer saves the document to the cloud.

Send Secure

Send Secure by XMedius Solutions is a secure way to share files. Users can share any text, video, or audio files into a SafeBox. In the SafeBox file, scanning ensures the documents remain virus-free. The files are then encrypted, making sure they are safe from cybercriminals. Once encrypted, the file is available on the cloud for the recipient, making SafeBox a great choice to securely send files within small businesses, mid-sized organizations, and large enterprises alike.

Xerox Easy Translator Service

The Xerox Easy Translator Service app makes file sharing across cultures and regions much easier. Users don’t have to worry about translating documents before sending them. All they have to do is scan the document with an MFP and the app will translate it. The app then emails the translated file through a secure connection.

The service can translate documents between 35 languages. To use the app, users need to create an account or have an existing account for the service. Sharing files in different language has never been easier – no need for employees to worry about translations.

ConnectKey Enhances Print Process Efficiency While Improving Security

The ConnectKey technology further enhances businesses by simplifying and automating processes. From printing to scanning, your organization document workflow process improves. This is through:

• Mobile printing from any device
• Easy scanning and digitizing of documents
• Quicker file sharing

One example is the Print and Scan apps for the cloud-based platform. Users can go to an MFP in the office and, with a single touch, scan and upload the file onto a cloud platform, sharing it with their team members and others who have access to the cloud. This saves them a lot of time, transforming a time-consuming task into a simple one-step process.

File sharing can have its share of security concerns. To protect organizations from such threats, all ConnectKey technologies come with security options. For example, Secure Print offers a multi-layered security solution for printing to and from network devices. This is important considering that cybercriminals can successfully hack printers.

The Xerox ConnectKey environment offers many solutions for your business to improve workplace productivity. Business process automation removes manual labor making processes more efficient. It also removes the chances of human error. Any process that has multiple steps involves chances that a step be skipped or not followed properly. Automation ensures such errors don’t occur, since the technology handles the heavy lifting all on its own.

Organizations also become more environmental friendly by going digital. By scanning and digitizing documents, there is no need to create paper documents, allowing employees to use less paper. Digital files are an easier and quicker way to share documents, which leads to overall efficiency in your organization’s document workflow.

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