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Your Managed Print Services Assessment: What to Expect

Posted by ASE Direct Team on May 16, 2019

Managed print services (MPS) can help businesses of all sizes realize cost savings, improve productivity, and focus efficiency. These factors, in turn, can influence your company’s printing workflows, including identifying areas where cost efficiencies can be realized.

MPS refer to a suite of services provided by a third party that take the stress off of in-house staff, keep your office equipment running and up-to-date, and provide a single point of contact for maintenance and troubleshooting.

Typically, these services include toner and maintenance activities, updating or refreshing old equipment, replacing equipment when necessary, and document management and security services.

Before signing on to an MPS agreement, however, it’s necessary for your chosen MPS provider to take a close look at your systems and processes to determine how best to meet your needs.

If you’re wondering what a typical walkthrough for managed print services looks like, read on.

What’s Involved in a Managed Print Services Walkthrough?

In order to provide the highest level of service matched to your company’s individual needs, you’ll want your MPS provider to do a walk-through where they assess your needs and budget.

There are typically several steps to a walk-through:

1. Analysis of Your Current Infrastructure

Each of the devices you use will be inventoried and analyzed alongside your project workload and workflows to determine how to best optimize your fleet.

Depending on the depth of the analysis, this can mean updating, replacing, increasing, or decreasing a number of your current machines, according to the findings.

2. Understanding How Your Devices Are Used

Your MPS provider may use a series of data collection tools to determine utilization patterns throughout your organization.

These tools will help calculate equipment redundancies, pinpoint underutilized equipment, and highlight areas where updated equipment can contribute to improved productivity.

It’s important to assess data security at this point as well, so attention will be paid to which employees use specific machines and what type of data is processed at each location. Your MPS provider can then determine what document security measures should be put into place for increased data protection.

3. Breaking Down Costs

No print assessment would be complete without an analysis of your current printing costs, both direct and indirect. An in-depth assessment of costs might take into consideration usage, supplies, maintenance, and service.

Special attention can be paid to ways to manage costs, such as digitizing documents to reduce printing output.

4. Analysis of Workflow

Knowing how data flows through your company is the key to streamlining productivity, reducing costs, and ramping up the speed of your processes.

A workflow analysis helps MPS providers determine how to best organize your fleet for maximum benefits.

Implementation Cost Versus Cost Savings: How MPS Can Help You Save Money

Deploying an MPS plan in your business does require an initial investment.

However, a strong MPS strategy can help keep your data safe from internet threats and improve efficiency, which are tactics that will save your company money in the long run.

Keeping printer software up-to-date with the latest security measures is key, as is controlling document and equipment access and activity level throughout your organization. MPS providers can keep your data safe along the network path through to the output device itself.

In addition, digitizing documents, a strategy many MPS providers recommend, can decrease print costs over time, adding to your savings.

Plus, having an expert who understands printer efficiency and reliability among brands can ensure your organization has the right equipment for your needs — no more, no less.

In terms of efficiency, a well-researched MPS strategy can increase the efficiency of your organization anywhere from 10 – 30% over time.

Protect Your Data — and Your Bottom Line — with MPS Today

In today’s world of rapidly changing technology, it’s foolish to invest in equipment that could be obsolete in a matter of months. With MPS, your business will get the benefits of having the latest and most technologically advantageous equipment at your fingertips.

As your business changes over time, your MPS provider can re-assess your organizational needs, increasing or decreasing your fleet as necessary. Office staff will be relieved not to have to manage information technology (IT) needs, equipment maintenance, and troubleshooting efforts.

Instead, your MPS provider is a one-stop resource for all your printing needs, from efficiency through data security.

At ASE Inc., we provide a full complement of managed print services. Our MPS experts can help pinpoint — and control — data security issues, uncover and manage hidden printing costs, and keep your office running smoothly all year long.

Ready to experience the level of cost savings and efficiency only an expert MPS team can bring to your business? Contact ASE Inc. today for a free consultation and start saving now.

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