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The Environmental Calculator Puts Sustainability Into Perspective

Posted by ASE Direct Team on Mar 22, 2019

Businesses today are under a tremendous amount of pressure to reduce their environmental footprint. With the growing popularity of ink and toner recycling programs, we’re starting to see the impact that comes from redirecting millions of cartridges each year from landfills and extending their lives. This has an incredible impact on the environment as most of the toner made today isn’t necessarily biodegradable. Environmental calculators are now available to help businesses reduce their environmental impact. Not only that, but you can monitor your impact in real time to see the difference made by recycling versus trashing ink and toner.

Pressure Is Mounting for Companies to Exercise Environmental Responsibility

Those with higher education levels will associate the relationship between businesses and the environment, recognizing the substantial impact they make. Heavy industries like manufacturing are commonly associated with having some of the most damaging effects on the environment.

Less commonly known is the impact of printing byproducts produced and discarded by businesses from all industries. This is connected in part to the heavy ecologic costs of the telecommunications industry. Discarded printers and ink cartridges make a massive environmental footprint.

Many organizations have already been feeling the pressure to improve on their environmental responsibilities. These companies are taking on the challenge with a variety of strategies. One of the most effective of these strategies is to focus on reducing the environmental damage caused by printing operations through clever use of managed print services. These savvy and forward-thinking companies are leaders to follow as they enjoy considerably lower printing expenses, in addition to, exercising a positive image as being environmentally responsible.

Enter the Environmental Calculator, an Invaluable Tool in Business Today

The increases in pressure on companies to be environmentally responsible have led to the emergence of environmental calculators. The purpose of these is of course to calculate the environmental impact of an organization’s operations. When yielding positive results, the environmental impact of the company as determined by the calculator can be used as a selling point.

Reduce the Environmental Impact by Partnering with a Managed Print Service

Partnering with a managed print service is one of the best ways to improve environmental sustainability. These services optimize printing operations in a way that both reduces the operational costs and has a much lower impact on the environment.

Part of how this is achieved is through recycling and reusing printing components such as ink and toner cartridges at every opportunity without compromising on quality.

Printing operations take a lot of heat for the environmental damage they can cause, especially when ink cartridges are thrown away. Improperly discarded cartridges leak heavy metals and harmful chemicals. Managed print services make sure that ink cartridges are routinely recycled and otherwise properly disposed of. By maximizing the use out of each ink and toner cartridge, managed print services can help firms to significantly reduce their environmental footprints. This will be greatly appreciated by customers who have been growing more interested and more vested in doing business with companies who manage their waste more effectively.

Finding the Right Managed Print Service for the Job

There are plenty of managed print services on the market to choose from. Finding the right one can seem daunting when faced with the prospect of comparing costs, services, and statistics across such a wide selection.

Take the easy route and partner up with an industry leader that can be trusted, partner with ASE. For many years ASE has been the best choice in managed print services, especially for businesses that are environmentally conscious.

Meet Eco Services, an Exclusive Offering from ASE

Eco services are a branch of special services specifically designed for improving environmental footprints in business.

Before diving into recycling benefits, let’s look at recycling facts. Here are some recycling facts that stand out.

· 75% of American waste which includes ink waste, can be recycled.

· Only a fraction of this waste is actually recycled.

These recycling facts are strong indicators that the global business community should be taking advantage of recycling benefits and utilizing ink recycling programs today.

By setting up ink recycling programs, and reducing ink waste, firms become more competitive. It’s about much more than the environment, which has become a chief concern for many consumers lately. In its totality, eco services such as those offered by ASE reduce costs overall and increase savings. This is key in maintaining a healthy and competitive business, in this market or any other. No matter how successful a company is, they should strive to find cost savings opportunities at all times.

Choose ASE to Manage Environmental Impact for Any Organization

ASE is an industry leader that can be trusted. Their managed print services can give a company a competitive edge that will launch them ahead. The first step in managing environmental impact at an organizational level is determining the size of that impact.

In addressing a company’s environmental impact ASE manages recycling programs and accepts printer fusers, wireless devices, inkjet, and laser cartridges. Recycling this material makes a massive reduction in a firm’s environmental footprint that will be greatly admired by today’s consumer.

If you’d like to calculate your environmental impact, contact ASE for more info.

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