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How to Enhance Your Work from Home Experience

By ASE Direct Team on Aug 10, 2020

Remote work is now becoming essential for many workers due to the coronavirus pandemic. Your work from home experience may be new, or you may have been telecommuting for a while now. Either way, having more organization and structure to your work from home setup can help....

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Topics: office supplies, printer ink cartridges, cybersecurity, print supplies

The Changing Workplace: Reopening Your Business with COVID-19

By ASE Direct Team on Aug 3, 2020

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has completely changed how we live and do business in a very short period. From shutdowns to social distancing, COVID-19 has forced everyone around the globe to make drastic changes in lifestyle....

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Topics: office supplies, printer maintenance, ase direct, print supplies

The Best Marketing is Good Customer Service

By ASE Direct Team on May 22, 2019

Did you know that it will cost you five to 25 times more money to get a new customer than to keep the ones you already have?...

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Topics: customer service, The Office, our team

Your Managed Print Services Assessment: What to Expect

By ASE Direct Team on May 16, 2019

Managed print services (MPS) can help businesses of all sizes realize cost savings, improve productivity, and focus efficiency. These factors, in turn, can influence your company’s printing workflows, including identifying areas where cost efficiencies can be realized....

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Topics: printer maintenance, managed print services, multifunction devies

How Often Should You Update Your Printer and Copier Fleet?

By ASE Direct Team on May 9, 2019

Take a glance around you right now. How many printers can you see from where you’re sitting?...

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Topics: managed print services, multifunction devies, print, print supplies, office printers

Can Sustainability Actually Save You Money?

By ASE Direct Team on May 2, 2019

Who would have thought that the day would arrive when printer ink would be more valuable than a glass of Dom Perignon?...

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Topics: printer ink cartridges, remanufactured printer cartridges, toner, toner cartridge cost, Toner cartridges, sustainability

What to Expect While Your Company Makes the Digital Transformation

By ASE Direct Team on Mar 22, 2019

Digital transformations can be a major hurdle for businesses of any size. Businesses stand to benefit from advice on how to weather these transformations effectively. These events induce drastic organizational changes very quickly. They are best handled as briskly as possible as sales usually ...

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Topics: The Office, cybersecurity

Extended Yield Cartridges: How to Get the Most Out of Your Equipment

By ASE Direct Team on Mar 22, 2019

It’s no secret that cutting costs is essential to staying competitive in the fierce global market. A significant portion of any business budget is comprised of printing costs. It is a vital part of everyday operations. Fortunately, there are ways to alleviate these costs. One such way happens to ...

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Topics: printer ink cartridges, toner cartridge cost, Toner cartridges

What It Means to Own a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business

By ASE Direct Team on Mar 22, 2019

Veterans of all generations have one major thing in common. They live by the motto of “adapt and overcome.” From the smallest inconvenience to the largest hardship, they pride themselves on being able to make something useful of the situation they’ve been handed. Many carry this into their post ...

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Topics: veterans, our team

The Environmental Calculator Puts Sustainability Into Perspective

By ASE Direct Team on Mar 22, 2019

Businesses today are under a tremendous amount of pressure to reduce their environmental footprint. With the growing popularity of ink and toner recycling programs, we’re starting to see the impact that comes from redirecting millions of cartridges each year from landfills and extending their ...

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Topics: recycled toner cartridges, environment, sustainability

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