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What Are the Advantages of Remanufactured Toner Cartridges?

Becky - ASE Director of Marketing
Posted by Becky - ASE Director of Marketing on Apr 19, 2022


Businesses have a responsibility to ensure their practices do not harm the environment. Companies in every industry need to analyze their processes and look for ways to improve them in an environmentally friendly way.

Remanufacturing is one of the most valuable processes businesses use to meet this end. Instead of throwing away spent consumables like printer toner cartridges, organizations can rely on expert services to re-use them indefinitely. This can significantly contribute to corporate environmental initiatives.

The Benefits of Recycled Toner Cartridges to Businesses

There is more to the remanufactured toner cartridge story than environmental benefits. Remanufactured printer cartridges powerfully impact an organization’s bottom line:

1. They Are Cost-Effective

Businesses are always looking for a way to cut costs, and using remanufactured printer cartridges is an easy way to cut print spend. The amount varies depending on the remanufacturer you choose, but it is reasonable to expect to cut 30% off of the original equipment manufacturers’ Superstore pricing. Buying remanufactured cartridges in bulk can yield even greater discounts.


2. They Provide Budget Flexibility

By lowering expenditure on print cartridges, companies can afford to allocate savings elsewhere. This provides them with the leverage to do more with the same budget. This can cover anything from purchasing other office supplies, upgrading print hardware, or even investing in marketing campaigns that bring in more sales. Leaner businesses can afford to invest more in mission-critical initiatives.


3. They Create Quality Prints

The process of remanufacturing ink cartridges is more than just refilling the toner. It also includes dismantling and repairing any worn-out parts prior to refilling it. For example, toner cartridge drums can wear out. Trustworthy remanufacturers must replace these worn-out drums with new ones. This makes sure that the printer can render pages while picking up toner as well as it would with a new cartridge.


4. They Keep Cartridges Out of Landfills

The benefits remanufactured ink cartridges offer for reducing greenhouse gas emission is clear. But they also impact the environment another way. Every cartridge that is remanufactured is one that doesn’t end up in a landfill. Each cartridge that is remanufactured keeps 3 pounds of waste and 3 quarts of oil out of landfills. Businesses significantly reduce their carbon footprint by opting for remanufactured toner cartridges. The recycling process can result in the emission of harmful gases, so it is important you go with a reliable company to recycle with. ASE Direct has a recycling program that ensures the parts of the cartridge is either recycled or remanufactured. The process is conducted with due diligence, so it is not harmful to the environment.



How Toner Cartridges Affect the Environment

Environmental effects begin as soon as toner cartridges are manufactured. The manufacturing process contributes heavily to greenhouse gas emissions levels in the environment. The creation of one cartridge results in the emission of 4.8 kilograms of CO2. This is without considering the toner, which itself emits around 3.2kg of CO2 during production. Although this may not seem like a lot, a single toner manufacturer produces around 200,000 cartridges per month. Recycling and remanufacturing the cartridges can significantly reduce this emission.


Should Print Users Be Concerned About Quality?

One of the questions Executives and Office Managers often ask is whether remanufactured cartridges perform as well as original cartridges. The answer to this question depends heavily on the consistency and quality of the remanufacturing process. Some remanufacturers skip important quality checks in order to drop prices to rock-bottom levels. More reputable toner remanufacturers ensure that their cartridges meet or exceed all of the performance metrics of the original. Once these verifications are complete, the new toner can properly attach itself to the page during the printing process. The cartridge is refilled with new toner or ink and function without compromising quality or reliability.


Make the Switch to Remanufactured Toner Cartridges

It’s not uncommon for executives and office managers to spend hours researching ways to be more cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Remanufactured toner cartridges serve both needs in a simple, accessible way. They help reduce greenhouse gas emission and keep spent cartridges from ending up in landfills. The switch requires zero effort and doesn’t compromise print quality.

For over a decade, ASE Direct has maintained a focus on environmental sustainability and assisted other organizations looking to do the same. Our cartridge recycling program assesses client’s toner usage and develops a program to match. 100% of the cartridges provided to ASE Direct are recycled in order to reduce the emission of harmful gases into the environment.

It’s time for your company to make its first steps towards environmental sustainability. Learn more from a remanufactured toner cartridge expert today.

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