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Extended Yield Cartridges: How to Get the Most Out of Your Equipment

Becky - ASE Director of Marketing
Posted by Becky - ASE Director of Marketing on Jun 21, 2022


It’s no secret that cutting costs is essential to staying competitive in the fierce global market. A significant portion of any business budget is comprised of printing costs. It is a vital part of everyday operations. Fortunately, there are ways to alleviate these costs.


One such way happens to save money without the need to make any cuts on quality. In fact, quite the opposite. Your purchases can be smaller, and output can be higher. Why isn’t everyone using extended yield cartridges? Who knows, but your printing expenses can be greatly reduced with them.


Why Switch to Extended Yield Toner?

There are some big reasons to make the switch to using extended yield toner cartridges. The most important of which are cost savings, environmental sustainability, and superior performance. Extended yield cartridges have a much higher page yield than standard toner cartridges. As any firm with intensive printing needs will know, a higher page yield can make a big difference.


Remanufactured Cartridges Optimized to Be Extended Yield

Perhaps one of the most advantageous benefits of remanufactured cartridges is that they can be optimized to be extended yield. By optimizing remanufactured cartridges to extended yield, firms save tremendous amounts of money.


How Much Waste Is Caused by Ink and Toner Each Year?

With over 300 million ink and toner cartridges being discarded as garbage annually, wasteful printing practices can be quite damaging to the environment over time. Ink waste is a serious issue. The plastic cartridges take centuries to decompose and leak heavy metals and other harmful chemicals leftover from the ink. This can leach into groundwater and cause extensive long term damage. By using remanufactured cartridges, businesses can save money and the environment.

Out of all the ink cartridges used worldwide, 2.5 million of these are recycled as opposed to an ominous 10 million cartridges that are simply thrown away where they’ll cause environmental damage. It’s time to change these recycling facts and reduce ink waste by committing to using and recycling extended yield cartridges.


How Much Can be Saved with Extended Yield Cartridges?

Using extended yield toner can actually save firms quite a lot of money. The benefits in potential savings alone make it a smart choice for businesses with print environments of all sizes. Some folks have ditched printing entirely because of the exorbitantly high costs of printing supplies like ink.

As costly as printing can be, businesses, of course, cannot afford to stop printing. Instead, they need to print smarter and that means using savvy cost saving hacks like extended yield ink cartridges.


The Case for Extended Yield Ink Cartridges

More brand name ink and printer manufacturers, like Brother, have been implementing new ways to deal with the demand for longer lasting ink options. There is a high yield ink cartridge available from Brother and they have increased the number of cartridges per box.

These changes have made a direct impact on the amount of time offices have in between ordering more ink and gives them about two years on average. This is a stellar improvement by an industry leader and competitors should take note. With high and extended yield ink cartridges, like the ones used by Brother printers, businesses can enjoy longer lasting ink cartridges and procure them at lower prices when they order them from companies like ASE.



Some Things to Consider

With all of the great benefits and advantages of using extended yield cartridges, some might be wondering where the cons are. Put simply, the only businesses that would not enjoy the full range of advantages from using extended yield cartridges are those with very minuscule printing outputs.

Extended yield cartridges, like all ink, will eventually expire, albeit somewhat faster than standard yield ink. The rate of use will determine whether these cartridges are the best fit for the office. Extended yield cartridges are hands down the best option for any business with intensive printing needs. Companies with high printing outputs don’t worry about ink expiring, they worry about running out and that’s where ASE comes in.



The Benefits of Purchasing Extended Yield Cartridges from ASE

Firms that order extended yield ink and toner through ASE enjoy incredible cost savings. Businesses that enlist their managed print services receive even more benefits. ASE has the highest quality in service and they know how to handle the printing needs of organizations of any size. With ASE, print environments can be optimized with extended yield ink cartridges and take a step towards environmental sustainability with recycling benefits. This also makes an impact on reducing ink waste. Altogether, these services take printing to a whole new level.

Ink and toner ordering is fully managed under ASE so that businesses will never suffer downtime from being out of ink. Ink levels are carefully monitored so that everything can be ordered proactively. The massive reductions in office printing costs that ASE provides can give any firm a competitive edge in today’s market.


Take advantage of extended yield ink cartridges and get in touch with an industry leader like ASE today.

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