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How Automated Supply Replenishment Can Help Your Company Save Money

Becky - ASE Director of Marketing
Posted by Becky - ASE Director of Marketing on Oct 25, 2022


Automated supply replenishment, also known as inventory management, is a system that looks at real-time data to generate reorders from suppliers to arrive at the appropriate time needed. This process is
distinct from inventory control, which is simply the process of understanding what supplies are currently
available in your storeroom.

Automated supply replenishment has been a strong strategy for warehousing and distribution centers as
they move toward greater efficiency and a smoother supply chain environment. Now, this same
technology is being made available to every business to provide the kind of uninterrupted productivity
that drives revenue.

The Power of Automated Supply Replenishment for Businesses

Automated supply replenishment is not just for warehouses anymore. Now, any business can drive
higher profitability and reduce costs using this technology. In the business world, automated supply
replenishment is typically offered for one of the most crucial areas of business: your printer fleet.

Printers are the mainstay of any office environment, and downtime due to lack of supplies — whether
that is paper, ink, or toner — can put a logjam in your work processes and affect business continuity.

With automated supply replenishment, your printer fleet is monitored remotely so supplies are
delivered to your office exactly when you need them.


Benefits are tangible, such as:

1. Reduced Need for Storage

With automated replenishment, your business no longer needs to sacrifice expensive square footage to
store a plethora of office supplies. Holding too much inventory on hand is detrimental — supplies can
deteriorate over time, capital expenditure is required that diverts cash from activities that fuel business
growth, and if proper inventory control is not practiced, you can still run out.

2. Better Scalability

Need to expand or update your printer fleet? Or perhaps you need fewer devices due to a hybrid work
environment? If you have been stockpiling supplies, you may have more than you need, not enough, or
worse yet, the wrong type for your new printers. With automation, you get only the supplies you need
for your current fleet. As devices change or are added or subtracted, your supply order is automatically
adjusted to match.

3. Minimized Machine Downtime

Machine downtime is expensive — up to $532,000 per hour or more, depending on your industry — and
it interferes with your staff’s ability to get down to work. While productivity is affected by
machine downtime so is customer service — a factor that can have a serious impact on your business’s
reputation. Using supply automation is a smart way to avoid machine downtime that occurs due to a lack of the right printer ink or toner cartridge. Not only can running out unexpectedly shut down your ability to print important correspondence, but it can also cost you additional money for last-minute purchases from a big-box retailer.

4. Reduce Staff Stress

Many businesses don’t have an in-house IT team to manage their supply inventories. Even if they do,
these folks are typically focused on more mission-critical tasks that are often disrupted to deal with
supply shortages. If you have administrative staff managing your printer supplies, they, too, are often
overburdened by many responsibilities. Automating your printer supply needs can relieve the burden on
staff responsible for these tasks so they can concentrate on efforts that directly affect your bottom line.
Automation also takes the onus off printer users to report low toner levels to the appropriate parties.

Stay Supplied with ASE

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to use your printer, copier, or multifunction device
due to an ink or toner outage. And nothing more irritating than rifling through a supply closet only to
find that you have twenty ink cartridges for a printer you no longer own — and none for the one that
you are currently using.

At ASE, our team of print management experts has the technology to ensure your printers are always
supplied with the right ink and toner — at the right moment. Using remote monitoring software, we can
predict exactly when your printer will need new ink and toner and ensure it is delivered right to your
door at the correct time.



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