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How Does ASE Direct Give Back to the Community?

Posted by ASE Direct Team on Dec 18, 2018

Community Outreach Programs

Part of operating a successful business is recognizing the important role that business leaders and their teams play in the community. Most importantly, finding a charitable outlet that has important meaning to the team ensures that everyone gives their full passion and dedication to the cause. As a veteran-owned business, ASE has dedicated significant time and capital to causes that help veterans after they have served the country.

Our team is proud of their work in the community and hopes to inspire others to follow their lead. How does ASE give back to the community through their community outreach programs?

Community Outreach Driven by Personal Experience

Bo and Jud Clift are co-owners of ASE and much of their community outreach is driven by Bo’s own experience as a veteran. It is because of this personal experience that ASE strongly supports initiatives that help veterans and their families in a variety of ways.

From hiring veterans to supporting veteran businesses, to becoming involved in charities and organizations that support veterans, ASE has shown an unwavering commitment to the men and women that wear the uniform. Most importantly, this organizational attitude permeates throughout the staff which makes the entire ASE team a valued partner for many of these organizations.

Operation Stand Down Tennessee

As part of their community outreach programs, ASE is involved with Operation Stand Down Tennessee. This is a very important charity for returning veterans who may need assistance as they enter civilian life. Some of the services offered by Operation Stand Down Tennessee include housing support, organizing VA benefits, finding employment, job training, and more.

For many veterans, navigating the world after their service can be a challenge. There are family responsibilities, mental health concerns, employment challenges, housing difficulties, and many more tests that they will face as they try to build a successful, happy life. Operation Stand Down Tennessee can help take away some of the stress and ensure veterans are taken care of the way that they deserve.

Working with Soldiers and Families Embraced (SAFE)

SAFE is another very important organization for veterans and their families. Independent of the VA or DOD, SAFE uses private donations from private citizens and companies like ASE to provide counselling for veterans, active duty service members, and their families.

Mental health concerns are always present for veterans and active-duty military. After the danger of war has been left behind, the emotional scars can follow veterans throughout their life. Far too many veterans do not get the support and counselling that they need and deserve. This is an absolute travesty and something that Soldiers and Families Embraced is working hard to change. ASE is proud that their support can help SAFE provide these essential, life-saving services to those who served so that we can enjoy the freedoms that are protected by the constitution.

Supporting Veterans Through Employment & Business

ASE proudly employs veterans who are looking for work after leaving active duty. This is one way that ASE feels they can give back to the community and to veterans that have served our country. By providing opportunities, ASE can help veterans begin building healthy, successful lives after service.

In addition to employing veterans, ASE promotes which encourages consumers to support veteran-owned businesses like ASE. Building a business is a challenge that can be incredibly rewarding. By supporting veteran-owned businesses, consumers are actually helping veterans support themselves through hard work and perseverance. ASE supports their fellow veteran business owners whenever possible and encourages all of their customers to do the same by checking

Leading by Example Through Community Outreach

ASE is honored to be able to give back to the community and to veterans. The success of a business comes from the community and giving back ensures that everyone can enjoy the benefits. Because of the military background within ASE’s ownership and team members, it only makes sense for ASE to become involved in organizations that support other veterans who may one day become exceptional business owners, employees, and community leaders.

Through their leadership with their community outreach programs, ASE hopes to set a positive example for other businesses looking to expand their community outreach or become involved with supporting veterans.

To learn more about our commitment to community or how to become involved please contact our team directly.

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