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Why Work with a Local Office Technology Dealer?

Becky - ASE Director of Marketing
Posted by Becky - ASE Director of Marketing on Apr 12, 2022

Today's offices depend on technology to run. From computer workstations to printers and even the office water cooler, every single device plays a critical role. Should any one of those devices break down, smooth and efficient workflows can become bottlenecked. The resulting damage creates congestion that far outlasts the extent of the initial downtime.

As a hedge against this possibility, organizations look for the most reputable and reliable technology dealers they can find. Some office administrators turn to original equipment manufacturers, whereas others look for local office technology dealers that can readily resolve their issues quickly and professionally.

As a local office technology dealer that specializes in IT supplies, hardware, and print management solutions, we know that the choice to work with local providers represents greater value for most enterprises, governments, and small businesses. Multiple factors combine to give independent dealers an edge over their global counterparts.


Why choose a Local Office Technology Dealer?

In today's ultra-connected business environment, the ability to remotely collaborate would seem to make partnering with a global manufacturer a smart move. But while these manufacturers have considerable resources for building and selling products, it is not as easy for them to cater to the needs of the companies they work with on a case-by-case basis. This is where dealers like ASE Direct come in.


1. We Understand Your Local Market

The place you do business is unique, and your organization's value proposition is uniquely suited to meet your neighbor's needs. Local expertise is critical to understanding how businesses and customers interact with one another within a specific environment and what their respective concerns are.

Local technology dealers have a distinct advantage when developing and implementing solutions for their customers. A more closely aligned company culture and a better understanding of local industry standards will give you the edge you need to remain competitive.


2. We Work Your Hours

Global service providers and original equipment manufacturers often provide 24/7 tech support.

However, that doesn't necessarily mean that 24/7 tech support offers value to end-users. There is a marked difference between getting high quality local tech support the moment you need it and paying for a call center operative in a foreign country to offer you remote tech support constantly – even while your office is closed.

The distinguishing factor is the fact that you pay for those services whether you use them or not.

Office technology manufacturers have to balance call center overhead costs with revenue even if you don't use the service. Choose an equipment dealer that is open when you are, and that has a live tech support operator you can trust available when you need one.


3. Personalized Office Technology Ordering

A big box store may get you the equipment you need, but it does not have a powerful incentive to spend much time learning about the way you do business beforehand.

As a result, most large office supply retailers will simply try to sell their largest-margin items off as quickly as possible, giving you a one-size-fits-all solution to your business challenges regardless of whether it is really the best fit.

As a local office equipment dealer, we take time to learn about our customers and to generate custom-tailored solutions that speak to their needs specifically. Your business is a unique organization with specific workflows that need to be augmented, rather than replaced.


4. Easy Communication & Dispatch

What happens if a piece of equipment breaks and remote access isn't enough to fix it? A global manufacturer brand may simply decide to send a new device rather than overextend itself trying to fix a broken one – but that leaves installation and implementation up to you.

Alternatively, it may outsource on-site tech support to a third-party service provider. There is no way to tell whether this third-party service provider truly represents the level of professionalism that you should expect from a global brand, however. Additionally, it may take days for communication to lead to an actual dispatch.

With a local technology dealer, on-site tech support services are performed by in-house technicians. This ensures industry-leading quality from trusted technicians hired for their skills and expertise – not just economic convenience.


Look Local for More Personalized Customer Service with ASE Direct!

Global manufacturers and distributors have their place in the office technology industry. We all rely on their equipment to perform the daily functions our organizations depend on.

For personalized customer service that ensures that equipment produces optimal value, organizations are best off relying on local expertise. Choosing state-of-the-art technology for your business is a matter best left to Buy American Veteran professionals you can trust. Need another reason?

When you work with ASE you are helping give back to veterans and future veterans. Learn more at


Ready to start working with a reputable local office technology dealer? Contact the team at ASE Direct near Nashville, TN to find out how we can help you.

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