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Problems That You Can Only Fix with a Printer Maintenance Kit

Josh - ASE Service Manager
Posted by Josh - ASE Service Manager on Jun 14, 2022



It’s a headache for every office worker – that moment you have a critical printing job and the printer goes down. No matter how much you plead, the machine just won’t work.

It’s no wonder, considering the average office worker uses 10,000 pages of paper each year. That’s a lot of printing. Plus, not maintaining your printers can be a serious security risk. Not to worry, a printer maintenance kit is a one-stop solution to printer problems. With a little foresight and the right kit, you’ll be the office hero.


We’ll look at the kit’s contents and go over a few signs – a helpful checklist – that it’s time to use the kit. With your printer maintenance kit, you’ll be ready for any problem.

1. Maintenance Kit Contents

2. Maintenance Kit Checklist


Printer Maintenance Kit Contents

Today, printers are high-tech office machines filled with moving parts. Every piece needs to operate perfectly to optimize performance. That’s where this efficient kit can help. A standard printer maintenance kit is a collection of replacement parts. You need to regularly replace parts to keep the printer working – typically after a certain number of pages have been printed.

Every printer is different. Not every kit will have the same parts. The contents might include:

· Fuser Assembly: a pair of heated rollers that fuses toner on the paper.

· Printer Transfer Roller: transfers images to the paper and collects excess toner, sending it to the                                            reservoir.

· Pickup Roller: a rubber wheel that snags paper and feeds it into the printer.

· Separation Pad: allows only one paper to be fed into the printer at a time.

· Corona Wire: a charged wire in the printer with an electrical current. Used in printing.

· Fan Assembly: flattens the paper as it goes into the printer.

Your printer maintenance kit contents may be different. It should include instructions for using the part. You may also have a few basic materials like rubber gloves and a cleaning cloth.


Printer Maintenance Kit Checklist

This printer maintenance kit checklist makes it easy to get the most from your kit. Keep an eye out for these 4 signs that your printer may need maintenance.


1. Faded Prints and Ghost Images

Sometimes, you will find off-color areas of an image. You might also see dim ghost images on the paper – places where it looks like the same image was repeated. These are both signs of a problem with the photosensitive drum on a laser printer. There could be excess toner on the drum. There could also be dirt or damage to the drum. Cleaning may correct the problem. If that doesn’t work, you may need to replace the drum.

2. Streaks on the Paper

Streaks on the paper, like a black line across the page or streaks of ink across the images or words, are common signs of printer problems. This is typically dirt or damage to a roller. Your first step should be a quick cleaning of the rollers. If you still see streaks, a roller may be damaged and require replacement.

3. Creases on the Paper or Paper Jams

This is one of the most common printer problems. There may be several possible causes and you will need to do a little work to find the solution. The first step is removing the paper jam. Next, check the status of the pickup roller and separation pad. You may need to clean or replace both. If both are operating efficiently, you may need to look at the other rollers in the printer. If you are still having problems, then the problem may be caused by the transfer between rollers in the printer. You may need to replace all the rollers to solve the problem.

4. Color Problems

The first step to correcting a problem with color is to update the drivers of the printer. Check online to see if there is an available update. If the problem persists, you may need to change the ink or toner or replace the corona assembly.

Even if your printer doesn’t show any of these signs, you should perform regular maintenance. Look in the printer maintenance kit for scheduled maintenance and mark it on the office calendar. This will eliminate many problems before they occur. Remember: A maintenance kit is like an oil change for your printer.


A Final Word on Printer Maintenance Kits

Keeping your printer optimized and efficient will quickly pay for itself in reliable performance and reduced resource costs. Keeping a printer maintenance kit on hand simplifies the work. It makes it easy to correct many of the most common printer problems. With a copy of the printer maintenance checklist nearby and the kit on hand, you’ll be ready for almost any problem.

Questions about your printer, or want to order the right printer maintenance kit for your office? Contact the experts at ASE! Need help installing the maintenance kit - schedule a service call today! 

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