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Remanufactured and Recycled Postage Ink Cartridges

Becky - ASE Director of Marketing
Posted by Becky - ASE Director of Marketing on Jun 28, 2022


Cutting costs and reducing expenses is an important goal for any business. It’s a critical goal for small businesses looking to get ahead on a tight budget. Luckily, there are solutions out there.

The National Federation of Independent Business reports that the average small business spends $338 a month on postage. That averages out to $4000 a year. That doesn’t include soft costs – travel, tape, envelopes, and manual labor to prepare every package.

Reducing expenses and eliminating soft costs isn’t difficult for smart and savvy business owners. In this article, we look at high performance, in-house printing options using printers approved by the U.S. Postal Service. We’ll also take a deep dive into remanufactured and recycled toner cartridges for postage printers to see if they are a low-cost, viable option for postage.


Saving Time and Money on Postage

Going to the post office to mail every package can be annoying. Worse than that, it can be costly. Postage can take you from the more important and profitable tasks. It is critical for business tasks and functionality like billing. Small e-commerce companies, especially for customized products, also rely on postage. High shipping and postage costs can bite deep into profit.


Postage Options and Postage Printers


You have several options for reducing your costs and saving time with postage. You can apply for and lease a postage meter. Please note, you can’t directly purchase a postage meter since postage is considered a currency. The postage meter prints directly on the mail.

Another option is printing postage using a high-performance postage printer. The U.S. Postal Service does allow you to print postage labels using a account and a printer. You’ll need to calculate the postage before printing a mailing label.

The Postal Service does have a convenient Business Price Calculator for postage online. Keep in mind, you’ll have to round the weight up to the nearest pound or ounce before calculating the price, otherwise, you risk delay due to underpayment.


Best Practices for Postage Printers


It is a good idea – and best business practice – to use only printers that have been approved by the U.S. Postal Service. Not all printers are suitable for printing postage. You risk lost or delayed mail when you use a printer that hasn’t been approved.

Intellectual property conflicts with postage meter supplies would be another potential danger. Select only supplies that have been cleared of IP conflicts. Make sure to use a reputable vendor, one that understands the requirements of the mail service when selecting a printer.


Recycled Cartridges and Postage Supplies

Recycled or remanufactured postage ink cartridges are another way to reduce your expense on postage supplies. Replacement printer ink cartridges are expensive. Printing shipping labels can increase those costs exponentially, depending on the amount of shipping you need.


What is a Remanufactured or Recycled Ink Cartridge?


You have a lot of options when purchasing postage ink cartridges. You can go to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), the most expensive option for replacement ink cartridges.

Recycled and remanufactured ink and toner cartridges can reduce your cost. When an ink or toner cartridge is empty, they can be sent to a manufacturer to restock the ink. The cartridge can then be resold for a reduced cost.

This not only saves you money but reduces the impact on the environment. Office supplies can be some of the most damaging refuse for the environment. An ink cartridge can take as much as 1,000 years or more to decompose. Every recycled ink cartridge offers environmental benefits.


Using Recycled Postage Ink Cartridges and Postage Supplies

Not all recycled or remanufactured ink cartridges are suitable for postage supplies. Not all cartridges are equal. Depending on the manufacturer and testing done on the cartridge, the print quality may not be consistent. Your postage may not meet the requirements of the U.S. Postal Service, leading to problems, delays, and increased costs.

You need to find an experienced vendor or supplier that’s competent in meeting the requirements of the postal service. Look for one that offers a guarantee that all products, including remanufactured and recycled postage ink cartridges, are approved by the postal service. This will reduce your overall costs since you won’t be paying the exorbitant OEM cartridge prices. You also won’t sacrifice quality or convenience from your postage printer.

With the right solution provider, you can save both time and money with your postage. Therefore, take the time to find the right provider for your office needs.


If you’re looking for the highest quality office, printing, and postage supplies, contact ASE. They guarantee all products are approved by the U.S. Postal service and are 100% IP cleared – providing a complete solution for your office needs.

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