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2 Major Transitions to Watch in the Print Market

Becky - ASE Director of Marketing
Posted by Becky - ASE Director of Marketing on Nov 1, 2022


Interest in remote work is surging, as is the development of more hybrid workspaces where employees
are encouraged to split their work time between home offices and in-person attendance at a corporate
location. As businesses seek to navigate the new world of shifting work parameters and efficiencies,
many are turning to advances in technology to assist them in maximizing productivity while keeping
costs in check.

And, as office spaces have transformed from sprawling networks of interconnected offices to more efficient, effective environments, technology has evolved alongside that makes the most of smaller square footage and the need for increased functionality. Specifically, two trends have emerged in the office print market that bear noting: A shift toward A4 printers over their A3 counterparts and a move toward multifunction devices over standalone printers.

How A4 and Multifunction are Changing the Office Print Market

Businesses have a new task as we move through the post-pandemic reorganization, and that is to make their workforces more productive and more efficient, as well as set them up to be successful. To do this, more companies are turning to smarter, more advanced office equipment, such as improved A4 devices and multifunction printers. The office print market is responding with a wide range of leading-edge devices that combine technology with cost-effectiveness.
How A4 Devices are Moving Ahead

Businesses are looking for cost-efficient devices that are easier to fit into newer, scaled-down office spaces and this is where A4 printers take the lead over their A3 counterparts. Because an A3 machine is designed to handle oversized 11 x 17 paper, it must have a larger frame and therefore, a much larger footprint. An A4 device on the other hand can handle standard 8.5 x 11 sizes as well as legal, postcards, and envelopes. They still have robust finishing and sorting capabilities, but it is all packed neatly into a smaller, more space-efficient size. A4s are typically less expensive than their A3 counterparts as well, providing an extra layer of cost-effectiveness for the savvy business.

The Multitasking Magic of Multifunction Devices

Originally designed for home offices, multifunction printers (MFPs) have now scaled up to be robust enough for any business enterprise from small to large. For businesses that want to preserve precious (and expensive) floor space, the MFP offers one device with a small footprint that can take the place of four pieces of office equipment — your copier, scanner, fax machine, and printer. And purchasing a single device in place of four brings you increased functionality at significant cost savings. Those savings stretch even further when you consider the cost of maintaining one versus four pieces of technology.

Additionally, multifunction printers require one cord to power all four aspects of the device, reducing cable congestion in the office and offering significant energy savings over time. Perhaps more important, however, is the versatility the device can lend to the office environment, powering productivity and providing enhanced control over the print environment. Newer MFPs come with a plethora of features including wireless printing, pull-printing functions for increased security, intuitive interfaces, mobile printing functions, and more.

Ready to Increase Productivity and Efficiency?
ASE Has You Covered
with the Latest MFPs and A4s

As businesses learn to adjust to the “new normal” of small workspaces and achieve higher levels of productivity with fewer staff members, more are turning to the latest technology to help. State-of-the-art A4 printers with robust finishing capabilities and multifunction devices that combine the power of four pieces of office equipment into one small footprint are leading the pack.

At ASE, we stock the widest variety of both printers and multifunction devices from the world’s print and imaging leaders. Whether you need basic devices for a small office or equipment that can handle serious volume and professional quality, we have the device for you.

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