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The Best Ways to Give Back to the Community in Nashville, Tennessee

Becky - ASE Director of Marketing
Posted by Becky - ASE Director of Marketing on Apr 8, 2022

As a successful business, ASE recognizes the importance of giving back to the community that supports us. Community outreach is an important focus for every business, and the holiday season is an especially important time to help those in need.



Of course, for some businesses and their employees, it can be difficult to find time or guidance when looking to donate funds or man hours to charity. Luckily, there are many great local charities in the Nashville, TN area that work hard throughout the year to help people from all walks of life. This article will spotlight just a few of the hard-working organizations in Nashville that businesses or individuals can become involved in during the holiday season, as well as throughout the entire year.


1. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee

2. Second Harvest Food Bank

3. Vanderbilt Children's Hospital

4. Local Charities Supported by ASE


Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee

It is unfortunate that the most vulnerable in society, children, are often the most affected by hardship. Family issues, personal issues, problems at school, and bullying can all weigh heavily on a child’s shoulders. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee pairs youth with positive mentors in the community. From going to the movies, catching a music performance, watching a sporting event, or simply hanging out and talking about life – this kind of mentorship can change a child’s life forever.

Monetary donations help Big Brothers Big Sisters fund experiences for children and their mentors but the most valuable donation is time. Volunteers are always needed to help manage the growing list of children that need someone to look up to.


Second Harvest Food Bank

Another one of the most important local charities in Nashville is the Second Harvest Food Bank. Having a decent meal is something that so many people take for granted but it is also something that many others have to forego in order to pay bills like utilities and rent. The issue may even be bigger than most people think with 1 in 7 Americans using food banks to help supplement their family’s needs.

Second Harvest Food Bank relies heavily on donations and volunteers to help people in Nashville. 60,000 people use the food bank each month, which means volunteers are needed to regularly take in donations, pack food for families, and help lead nutrition classes. As well, the buying power of the food bank allows them to feed many people using donations. Organizing an in-office food or donation drive could go a long way!


Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital

The Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital is a valued institution for sick children and their families. The reason this is one of the most important local charities in Nashville is because the hospital is used as a teaching and research hospital. Not only does the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital treat sick children today, they are training the doctors and doing the research that may save the lives of children in the future.

Businesses and individuals can donate funds or become directly involved through volunteerism. Every donation of time and money helps the hospital improve service for families today and, hopefully, find solutions for the children of the future.


Local Charities in Nashville Supported by ASE

ASE offers staff and executives time to help their community through donations and volunteerism. Employees support a wide range of organizations using their own time, funds, and hard work. As an organization, ASE is involved in several local charities through their community outreach program.

As a veteran-owned business, ASE is dedicated to giving back to veterans, active-duty service members, and their families. Operation Stand Down Tennessee is a valuable organization that helps veterans find the support they need as they enter civilian life. This support could include job training, organizing important benefits, as well as other forms of assistance.

Soldiers and Families Embraced (SAFE) is another organization with strong local presence that is proudly supported by ASE. The physical effects of war are only one aspect of how veterans and active-duty service members put their lives on the line. Mental health support and counselling is important for both service members as well as their family members. SAFE helps provide these services through private donations.

Finally, as a veteran-owned business, ASE supports and encourages their friends, family members, and business partners to do so as well.


ASE is proud of the work they do in the community and encourages all businesses to give back whenever possible. Creating workplace community outreach programs can help inspire staff to donate their time to an important cause.


To learn more about ASE, contact our team directly today!

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