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What It Means to Own a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business

Bo - ASE CEO & Service-Disabled Veteran
Posted by Bo - ASE CEO & Service-Disabled Veteran on Apr 12, 2022

Veterans of all generations have one major thing in common. They live by the motto of “adapt and overcome.” From the smallest inconvenience to the largest hardship, they pride themselves on being able to make something useful of the situation they’ve been handed. Many carry this into their post enlistment lives and into their businesses. Service disabled veterans are afforded many great opportunities to help get a business up and running, and in doing so they can help their own brothers and sisters in arms as well.


  1. 1. What programs are already in place for Service-Disabled Veterans?
  2. 2. What is an SDVOSB Certification?
  3. 3. Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Program
  4. 4. Qualifying for the Disabled Veteran's Business Program
  5. 5. Veteran-Owned Small Business Grants
  6. 6. What are companies doing to hire veterans?
  7. 7. Why Veteran business owners should ally with ASE


What Programs Are Already in Place for Service-Disabled Veterans?

The U.S. Small Business Administration has a program set up for disabled veterans who are small business owners. SDVOSB stands for Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. It’s a certification that serves to strengthen opportunities for any disabled veteran who is starting or operating their own business.


What is an SDVOSB Certification?

These pertain to procuring eligibility for contract benefits set aside by the U.S. Government for veteran-owned businesses. There are several government agencies that can issue SDVOSB certification. The first step is to register as a veteran-owned business through the VA. This is only half the battle however as registering as a veteran-owned business alone is not enough to qualify for the 3% contracts allocated to businesses owned by service-disabled veterans.


Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Program

The federal government has a goal to award three percent of all of their contracting dollars to SDVOSB every year. There are limits on some contracts to businesses that participate in the program. Joining makes businesses eligible to compete for "set-aside contracts." SDVOSB participants can also still compete for awards under other programs that they apply for.


Qualifying for the Disabled Veteran's Business Program

To be able to qualify for this program, a small business must do the following:

  1. · Qualify as a small business.
  2. · Have at least 51% of the business owned and operated by one or more service-disabled veterans.
  3. · Have one or more managers that make important long-term decisions also be a service-disabled veteran.
  4. · Veterans who run/own the business must have a disability that resulted in the execution of duty in the Service.

These terms are in place to ensure that Federal funds and provisions are being allocated to those who truly deserve them. Qualifying as a veteran-owned business to receive veteran-owned small business grants is a straightforward process. Don’t let the government red tape be a deterrent. In fact, one should be grateful that these requirements are enforced and in place, so that funding isn’t sucked dry before it can be used for the purposes it’s intended for.


Veteran-Owned Small Business Grants

Approximately 21 million veterans in the U.S. have served their country, and deserve appreciation in all they have done. They should be able to start up a business just like anyone else in America. Like everyone else, they need help getting things off the ground. This is where grants come into play. To qualify, a veteran needs to fall under one of these categories:


· Honorably Discharged Veterans (some may specify a war/conflict or time period)

· Service-Disabled Veterans

· Active Military service member participating in TAP

· Reservists and National Guard members

· Current spouse of any Veteran, Active Duty member, Reservist or National Guard member; or widowed spouse of a service member who passed while in service, or of a service-connected disability.


If a small business owner falls under one or more, they have the option to finance using the Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Program.

Other grant and benefit programs are available. The National Minority Supplier Development Council has some fantastic benefits available for veteran-owned businesses looking to get a foothold in the private sector and find customers.


What Are Other Companies Doing to Hire Veterans?

Veteran-owned small business grants are something that each and every veteran-owned business should take advantage of. Don’t think of it as an entitlement, think of it as a business tool that will offer a competitive edge in a fierce market. They are giving veterans the opportunity of having a job that other companies aren't giving them.

Some companies are offering to pay for relocation expenses, and even offering the veterans' spouses jobs. Other companies are offering pay raises, insurance coverage, better benefit packages, programs for special skills training, and even educational expenses.


Why Veteran Business Owners Should Ally with ASE

Service-disabled veteran business owners can greatly enhance the ease of operation and ultimate profitability of their businesses when they partner up with reliable managed services like ASE.

A veritable jewel to the Tennessee business community, ASE was co-founded by a service-disabled veteran. This means that ASE has your back in ways no other company could. ASE can handle the printing and IT equipment needs while delivering service that is unparalleled in this market.


Don’t let being a service-disabled veteran feel like a disadvantage when starting a business, take control and launch your company into success with superior IT equipment and printing services from ASE. As a business listed on, buying ASE products helps other veterans as they support an impressive range of veteran causes including Operation Stand Down Tennessee. They also support Soldiers and Families Embraced. These causes help veterans and their families.

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